Reins IRA

A Reins-IRA is a powerful wealth-building tool. The number of self-directed IRA plans has been growing rapidly because they allow investors the ability to invest in their own core competencies, without the usual fee structure associated with traditional IRAs. A self-directed IRA holder with knowledge or experience in specific investments can make the same investments in a tax deferred or tax free environment. Tap the purchasing power of your IRA before retirement age without incurring early distribution taxes or penalties!

Although often referred to as a “real estate IRA,” real estate is not the only investment that self-directed IRA holders can make. In fact, clients can use their retirement funds to invest in alternative assets of many kinds. Clients may purchase tax liens or deeds, invest in or originate mortgages, invest in foreign real estate, oil and gas, film production and distribution, and even make private placements in corporations. Reins Financial Group’s retirement vehicles provide nearly limitless investment options by providing checkbook control of retirement dollars; Reins IRA is the truly self-directed IRA solution. Diversify retirement account money from IRAs and 401(k)s, into more secure and lucrative arenas, while aggressively building your retirement funds with the tax-deferred profits. Call us to get started: 347.291.1295

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